Business tours

Experience the unique activities in the Westland region


Westland Toerisme organises unusual business tours. If you are in the Westland region, either alone or with a group of entrepreneurs or study/industry association, for example, we can provide an interesting programme or addition to your own programme. We will take you on an exciting look behind and below the scenes of one of the most innovative sectors in the Netherlands. In consultation with you, we will put together a programme which is fully in line with your wishes and interests, such as climate control, logistics or biological pest control. We provide tours of renowned horticultural businesses and horticulture-related suppliers. Our professional guides have many years of experience in the agricultural sector and look forward to sharing their passion and knowledge with you.

Guided tours

  • Visits to one or several companies
  • Individual or group tours
  • Sector:
    • Flowers, pot plants and/or vegetables
    • Climate control
    • Transport systems
    • Screen installation
    • Irrigation
    • Misting
    • Greenhouse construction
    • Biological pest control
    • Breeding
  • Own transport or hired transport
  • Morning, afternoon or the whole day
  • In Dutch, English or German



  • Catering
  • Meeting facilities
  • Accommodation
  • Recreational activities
  • Sights


You can request a quotation here (free of obligation) for an individual or group tour and any additions to your programme, if required.